ul. Jarzębinowa 5, 58-100 Świdnica

We offer a wide array of custom-build products

- endurance levels we propose :     

4,8 5,6 5,8 8,8 10,9 12,9  

- steel :

42CrMo4 (40HM), 41Cr4 (40H), S355 (18G2A), C45, 25CrMo4 (25HM), S235.


We provide a wide array of diameters and lenghts of screws and bolts.

We provide coverings such as black, zinc, TZN, oxidated and many others.

We produce also products UNC/UNF, types  5,8,9   


Machine connectors

Survable connectors 
Screws and bolts for building